The Lobster Roll

Anyone who has been following my gastronomic wanderings for any length of time will know that I am a complete seafood junky. I will pass on meat and potatoes any time for a meal of any type of seafood (cooked or not, I absolutely love sushi!), especially during the “dog days” of summer (it’s almost as good as ice cream!). So, here we go on another jaunt to find those wonderful treats from the sea.

Our son, Brian, was returning with his family after spending a week in Montauk and stopped by with an offer to treat us to lunch. The question now was where to go. Joanne suggested The Lobster Roll. Now, we were familiar with the “Southside” original in Amagansett, but have never tried its country cousin “Northside” in Riverhead. What the heck, it was an easy ride from Riverhead up Roanoke to Sound Avenue. Upon arriving and wanting to sit outside, we were directed to a table on the awning-covered deck. The atmosphere was a perfect combination of August warmth and a cooling breeze.

Lunch began with steamed mussels and hard clams (both were very fresh and flavorful) and an order of “puffers”, battered and fried (in canola oil) blowfish, which were tempura crispy on the outside and moist and flavorful on the inside. This was followed by samplings of fried oysters, a baked seafood combo, a crab cake sandwich and a lobster salad platter. All were wonderfully fresh and flavorful. The service was prompt and friendly, which made for a very pleasant afternoon.

A visit to The Lobster Roll “Northside” is a great way to satisfy that summertime (or any time, they are open year round) seafood craving. For the meat & potatoes fans among us, they also offer burgers, chicken or steaks. While you are there, check out the quaint shops behind the restaurant, especially the teddy bear shop. Descriptions, menus from both locations and directions are available on their website, We found this a marvelous way to spend a summer afternoon. But this is, after all, just One Man’s Opinion!

The Lobster Roll “Northside,” 3225 Sound Ave Riverhead NY, (631)369-3039 (

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