Love Lane Kitchen

It’s mid winter, it’s dreary and cold, most of our dear friends have flown the coop for warmer environs and we need something warm and familiar to bring joy to our battered souls.  What better than an old friend with a new twist to bring us joy?  Yes, we are heading back to my favorite Fork of the Island (the North one) to savor a new side of Love Lane Kitchen.

Every Tuesday evening, LLK becomes a haven of Japanese cuisine.  Chef Minori Suzuki takes over the kitchen to turn Mattituck into Little Tokyo.  His specialty is Kaiseki Bento, a selection of four authentic Japanese seasonal offerings served in a traditional Bento box.  The chef’s selections change weekly, and are always fresh and from local suppliers.  We tried it a few weeks back and savored wonderful teriyaki duck and ahi tataki (tuna in garlic soy sauce).  (For the faint of heart and those who are not sushi devotees, cooked selections may be substituted for the uncooked samplings.)  All Bento meals come with edamame (boiled soy beans) and either wakame (seaweed) salad or miso soup to start.

In addition to the Bento selections, there is usually a choice of three sushi rolls that may be ordered.  We sampled a very tasty Snow Crab and Avocado roll (nothing raw) that was wonderful.  A selection of imported and domestic sakes and Japanese beers, as well as a full American bar are available.  And don’t forget the wonderful selection of home-made LLK (American) desserts!  To view the Kaiseki Bento and regular menus (both of which change weekly) log on to, or call the number listed above.

What could be better on a brutal winter evening than heading to Love Lane, looking for the only shop on the street that is open and savoring a memorable meal!  But hey, this is, after all merely One Man’s Opinion!

Love Lane Kitchen, 240 Love Ln, Mattituck NY; (631)298-8989

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