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Sunwaters Grill

Even though Summer 2010 is slowly drawing to a close, I actually find that my favorite time of the year for the beach is September.  The crowds are smaller, the UV index is lower and the water tends to be warmer than earlier in the season.  There is definitely something to be said for spending […]

The Lobster Roll

Anyone who has been following my gastronomic wanderings for any length of time will know that I am a complete seafood junky. I will pass on meat and potatoes any time for a meal of any type of seafood (cooked or not, I absolutely love sushi!), especially during the “dog days” of summer (it’s almost […]

Bouy One

If you have ever driven west on Route 25 from Riverhead, you may have noticed a small white concrete building on the left side before you pass the Riverhead Post Office.  I did on more than one occasion, only to ask myself why anyone would stop to eat at what looked like a small factory […]