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Summer al Fresco Dining

Another post, and what to review? Joanne & I were dining out on a particularly delightful early summer evening when it occurred to me that I should suggest my favorite evening “al fresco” dining spots. Here is a collection of my favorites within an easy drive of Encore. Some have been reviewed in this space […]

New Moon Cafe

I know that I have stated more than once that I am not much of a carnivore, but sometimes that yearning for meat calls from the depths of my genetic ancestry.  When this happens, I usually crave something slow cooked over a smoldering barbeque.  Where to find that in the land of seafood, pasta and […]

Snowflake Ice Cream Shoppe

Spring has arrived! The air is warmer, the birds are singing, the trees are pollinating (ugh!) and a “young” man’s fancy turns to…ice cream! In a previous post, I mentioned Snowflake as an after dinner option. As they have no indoor seating, I usually save this treat for the warmer weather, although they are open […]