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Sunwaters Grill

Even though Summer 2010 is slowly drawing to a close, I actually find that my favorite time of the year for the beach is September.  The crowds are smaller, the UV index is lower and the water tends to be warmer than earlier in the season.  There is definitely something to be said for spending […]

Summer al Fresco Dining

Another post, and what to review? Joanne & I were dining out on a particularly delightful early summer evening when it occurred to me that I should suggest my favorite evening “al fresco” dining spots. Here is a collection of my favorites within an easy drive of Encore. Some have been reviewed in this space […]

Hizir Baba

This issue’s culinary adventure takes us back to the Peconic River, a rather lovely spot to spend time, especially with better weather on the way. To find our latest venue, make a turn into the alley next to the Salvation Army Thrift Shop on Main Street in Riverhead, just west of the Aquarium. Park at […]

Love Lane Kitchen

It’s mid winter, it’s dreary and cold, most of our dear friends have flown the coop for warmer environs and we need something warm and familiar to bring joy to our battered souls.  What better than an old friend with a new twist to bring us joy?  Yes, we are heading back to my favorite […]

Red Rooster Bistro

One of the best features of living in Eastport is its proximity to the North Fork, my absolutely favorite part of the Island.  Many people think of traveling there only in the warmer months, but winter on the North Fork is especially beautiful.  True, the farm stands and some winery tasting rooms are closed, but […]

New Moon Cafe

I know that I have stated more than once that I am not much of a carnivore, but sometimes that yearning for meat calls from the depths of my genetic ancestry.  When this happens, I usually crave something slow cooked over a smoldering barbeque.  Where to find that in the land of seafood, pasta and […]

The Lobster Roll

Anyone who has been following my gastronomic wanderings for any length of time will know that I am a complete seafood junky. I will pass on meat and potatoes any time for a meal of any type of seafood (cooked or not, I absolutely love sushi!), especially during the “dog days” of summer (it’s almost […]

Farm Country Kitchen

For this month’s offering, we need to go on an adventure.  Take Route 51 north to the end, bear left and cross the Peconic River at the bridge opposite the Court/Jail complex.  Turn left on West Main Street and after approximately 250 yards on the left side, if you look quickly, you may be lucky […]

Snowflake Ice Cream Shoppe

Spring has arrived! The air is warmer, the birds are singing, the trees are pollinating (ugh!) and a “young” man’s fancy turns to…ice cream! In a previous post, I mentioned Snowflake as an after dinner option. As they have no indoor seating, I usually save this treat for the warmer weather, although they are open […]

North Fork Table & Inn

My decision to include The North Fork Table & Inn this month happened as a result of a chance encounter on the last day of this season’s “Restaurant Week.”  I never write about a restaurant that I have visited only once, but I will make an exception here.  It was that good! The dining room […]